20 Work at Home Jobs Paying $30 -$70 Per Hour

Work at home jobs
Oct 19 2020

work at home jobs
Work From Home

Are you looking for work at home jobs which pays much more than you needed?

Of course, that’s why you landed here.

Is your full-time job salary is not sufficient for your expenses?

There are lots of money-earning tasks and ideas available online.

These works can give you a lot of money, then you think.

All you need is consistent, dedication and knowledge of that particular thing.

In this blog, I am going to share some cool 😎 ways to earn some extra bucks, in fact, more than your regular income.

So let’s start it and get benefited,

1. Affiliate marketing

If you are not familiar with the term affiliate then don’t worry. 

It’s nothing but you get a commission by promoting a product to sell. 

There are lots of websites, paying a good amount of money as commission.

 Once you register as an affiliate marketer, you will get an affiliate link.

 You can then share this link to your website or YouTube channel.

You can earn much money as $500 -$1000 or 50k to 100k from home.

2. Blogging

Work at home jobs.
Blogging from home

Blogging is the most popular work at home job in the present scenario.

Do you think, you can convey your message effectively? 

Then just start writing blogs and let people know your knowledge.

 This way you can earn money. If you are thinking to start blogging then follow these rules:

  • First -Be original 
  • Write about what you know
  • Write about the topic in which you are interested 
  • Be unique 
  • And finally- Be consistent

You can earn $30-$100 per hour at work from home.

3. Graphic designing

In this digital era, every business and online work require visual ads, logos etc.

If you are already a skilled person then you can make nice money.

And a newbie to this field then grabbing some certification in this field can prove a boon to your career.

Someone who is fresher in this field and wants some hands-on practice over it, then he/she can join the internship also after that one can earn money from home.

4.   Virtual Assistant job

If you like office handling duties, then this workshop is for you.

It includes mainly managing data, entering data, replying to emails etc.

You need to be very organized for that. 

From this, you can make between $15 -$30 per day.

5.   Data entry

This work doesn’t require much skill and experience.

 You just need a desktop/ laptop with an internet connection. And you can start work immediately.

And typing speed. Search for a genuine site which gives you data entry work and pay you for that.

However, for this kind of job you must search a legit website for work.

6.   Website tester

All website owner wants their website to be more user friendly.

For that, they prefer someone can test website and give appropriate website user experience.

 Your earning can be between $20-30 per day.

7.  Website developing 

All business owners are going on digital platforms, as a result, this work is high in demand. 

They need a website to be present online.

Get the skill first, then go for some experience.

Now you are ready to get freelance projects. 

If you are a well-experienced web developer then you can easily search for work at home jobs.

The potential earning of a web developer can be $200- $1000 per project.

8.  Video making and editing

Video making skill is very useful these days.

As many people prefer to watch videos of product or services.

Hence, most businesses need videos to promote their brand or services.

All you need is just a Camera and some knowledge of video making.

A professional video maker can earn between $75 to $150/HR.

9.   Social media marketing

Almost every person or business is using a social media platform.

Most common social networking sites are, LinkedIn for B2B or professionals or Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.

Most of the companies need someone who can handle their social media account for their brand promotion and lead generation.

All you require is just using these Social media sites and get hands-on with their features.

To stand out from the crowd you have to be good at your creative part.

You can earn $20-$30 per hour.

10.   Online tutoring

If you are a subject matter expert and keen to teach kids.

Then, currently, this one is the best platform for you can earn as per your knowledge.

The best thing about online tutoring is that it is not restricted to your location.

You can teach kids all over the world, besides, your regular job.

The potential earning with this work is $20-$30 per hour.

11. Digital marketing 

Digital marketing is marketing or promotion of a brand on digital platforms.

This includes SEO, PPC, SMM, Email Marketing, SEM etc. Read here

This career is the most demanding option.

If you are an expert in this field you can get a freelance project from all over the world.

A Digital marketing freelancer can earn $70-$250 per hour. 

Read here – Main Types of Digital Marketing And Some Great Tools

12.  Content writing

“Content is the king,” and business owners and website owners know this.

For that, they always need a person who can create great content for them.

If you are good at writing part then this is the best money earning choice for you.

Also, few websites pay to write for them as a guest blogger.

You can get freelance work from freelancer.com, upwork.com etc. And earn $50-100 per day.

13. Proofreading 

People who are good at grammar part.

 Also, they can find out the error from the write-up. 

Like spelling and grammar mistake.

They can get freelance projects. From which they earn $30-50 per day or more money.

14. Project manager 

As a project manager, you have to work on behalf of your client.

A project manager can earn $100- $500 a day.

15.Website tester

Your job is to test the overall performance and usability of the website.

However, You must be fluent in English to share your feedback on a given website. 

There are few websites where you can get such work and a good amount of money.

 You can earn $10 -$25 per website.

16.Voice over artist

A voice artist can work from the comfort of his time and place at home.

You just need your PC and internet connection. 

Practice everyday by reading script loudly.

You can earn $50 to $1000 per project.

17.  Translator

There is a high demand for online jobs in the field of translation.

You just need language fluency for this work.

There are lots of websites which provide such tasks.

You can earn $30-70 per hour or more.

18.   Photography 

Photography makes the Digital world more appealing.

 For so many businesses, photography proved to more lead generating way for their business.

 Like hotel and travel industry.

 Also, if you can click very appealing random pictures then you can sell them too on a few websites.

This can be a great idea to earn money from home

19. Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping is a profitable work at home jobs.

You can get a higher margin in this.

You can start earning by just completing a course. 

You can find a related course online. 

A freelance bookkeeper can earn $15 to $25 per hour.

20. Consultant 

Do you think that you are an expert on something? 

Like education, human resource, career, accountancy or business.

Then you can earn money by consulting from your home.

Consultants are hired as a freelancer by companies to help them resolve a specific issue.

You can make money beyond your imagination.


If you are really interested in any of the above work at home jobs. Then be an expert by taking any course or start practising accordingly as early as. Your earning potential will definitely increase after some time. And one more thing “work hard and believe in yourself.” Money earning from your flexible time can give more than your fulltime work.